My smartwatch isn't displaying the weather

Applies to:

  • Proficient Clock
  • Smarty Weather
  • Watchy Weather

Weather requires:

  • Active internet connection
  • Bluetooth connection to watch
  • Location services
  • Watch app (on phone) to be running

First, check that you met the weather requirements. If you had any of those disabled please enable it and open any other app on the watch and go back to the clock-face, this will force the clock-face to restart and retry to fetch the weather. If not then proceed to the OS-specific instructions.

Fitbit OS

If that doesn't work this is a known communication issue between the watch and the phone. Fitbit is currently working on improving the comms stability. For now, you can try to temporarily fix this issue you can close the Fitbit app on your phone and then re-open it. Then go to your watch and open any other app and go back to the clock-face, this will force the clock-face to restart and retry to fetch the weather.

Pebble OS

You can try closing and then re-opening the watchface. If that doesn't help you are probably experiencing an issue caused due to the lack of maintenance to the Pebble app but we can try to help you, so send us a support ticket and we'll see if there's something we can do.


Fredrik Selvig

Hi. I love the Smarty Weather watch face on my Fitbit Versa, but the temperature and weather shown is so far off. It says cloudy when it's sunny with no clouds in sight. The worst, though, is the temperature. Most of the time it shows up around 10 degrees lower than the actual temperature. Like today: it is sunny, no clouds, 22 degrees C. My watch is showing that the temperature is 10 degrees. The other day, it was the same, but it was shown on the watch as cloudy, 10 degrees

The weather app is very accurate compared. Is there any way you could switch weather provider from the terrible Yahoo to Accuweather?

I would love to use your watch face, because of the simplicity and especially for the simple weather report, but it is no use when it's so extremely inaccurate.

      Stefano Gerli

      Hi Fredrik, we appreciate your support and feedback. We are aware Yahoo Weather isn’t the best weather service but it’s the only one we can use and keep the clockface free. We have thought about adding a premium weather plan and offer Dark Sky as a second option but mostly because of payment infrastructure we haven’t implemented that idea.

      10 degrees C seem too far off even for Yahoo Weather. The weather updates every half hour and with every app restart. Just to be sure, if you tap on the weather section does it show your correct location?

          Fredrik Selvig

          I completely understand. I checked my watch several times in the span of a few hours. It changed between 10 and 12 degrees at times.

          I hope you'll get it sorted out. Thanks for responding.

          Kind regards
          Fredrik Selvig

              Stefano Gerli

              Yeah, we'll try to do everything we can to improve this, at least offer a premium plan but probably not in the short term. For now, we have planned to make it modular and customizable, with more complications.

              Thanks for your feedback.

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